Patience is a virtue.  I’ve heard that. I believe it, to the core of my being. However, at this point in my life, virtue seems kind of overrated. Waiting to hear back from magazines I’ve submitted material too, waiting to be done with school and land the “dream” job, waiting for all of my hard work to be recognized.

*Sigh*. Maybe today. Dash to the mailbox. Will there be a letter? Did they like my work? More importantly, will they publish my work? Yes? No? Don’t call us, we’ll call you??

It’s worse. “Thank you for your submission…blah, blah,blah…not what we are looking for at this time…” .Rejection. Seems to be my middle name these days. One more to cross off the spreadsheet, one more to try again in six months.  For every success there are three rejections. I’ve heard that before. Doesn’t make it sting any less, but it is the nature of the business.

I wonder again, is this worth it? There’s no question that it is, though sometimes I overthink it. If my words only touch one person, it was all worth it. If I never publish my work besides in my small spot on cyber space, that’s okay too. If I made you smile today, if because of my words you know you aren’t alone, leave me a comment.

Those of you out there who are also writers, how do you deal with the inevitable rejection?


3 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. You make me smile and I honestly love your writing!As a young lady,at the age of 17,I haven’t quite experiment rejection but I’m prepared,in order to discover myself and my ideal job,to face challenges,bad moments and of course,the inevitable rejection which we can not escape.However,all of these make success being so much worth it and valuable!


    1. Claudia,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I have a daughter who is just a bit older than you. I wish you the best in deciding what your career path will be. I hope you will stick with me and keep sharing your positive (or not so positive, as the case may be) feedback. We all grow through experiences with others. I’m following you as well and will look forward to more of your positive inspirations.

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  2. Hi there! Don’t worry. “Nana korobi ya oki” (Fall seven times and get up eight).
    May be you could collect all those returned works and publish an ebook yourselves. 🙂


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