The Fork

I’ve talked a lot about it on here, how I have been working towards my degree after twenty-five years away from school. How this degree would define my life, and how it would change so much for me. How after all these years, I would finally be a college graduate.

I wonder now what I thought that meant exactly. Was I supposed to wake up and suddenly feel different. Was the degree somehow supposed to make me an adult. Good grief, I’ve raised two kids, buried my mother, cared for a brain-injured spouse, married and divorced…twice. If all that life experience didn’t make me a grown up, I don’t know how forty classes and a piece of paper were going to do it!

At any rate, I wake up every morning and look at that degree hanging on my wall. The words “Magna Cum Laude”, that sound so impressive, have certainly not changed me on the inside. I don’t FEEL different. I guess employers may look at me differently, but I still feel like the same person. The fork in the road, for me, has not changed.

In the end, I am glad I did it, because I did it for myself. But the lesson I learned is that in the cold light of day, it doesn’t change who you are, make you a better person than anyone else, or any more worthy of recognition. To those who have offered emotional support to me along this journey, thank you. Visit my Upcoming Works page for new previews of projects I am considering, and by all means let me know what you would like to see more of…Love and laughter Everyone until we meet again!