I find people are always asking my advice. I don’t really know why. In my eyes, most of my life has been something of a train wreck! Yet it never fails, every time someone I know…even some I don’t know all that well…needs advice, it is me they come to ask.

I hope that my words are helpful to them. Often, it seems easier for me to manage the issues in other lives much better than the issues in my own. I am blunt, but try to be sensitive. I refrain from saying “What kind of idiot are you?”, even when it is my first reaction.

So I am wondering what everyone here thinks about advice columns. Be honest, if I am off my rocker, please don’t be afraid to tell me so. But if I am right and some of you agree that I could be on to something, I’d like to hear that too.

As always keep your eye on my Upcoming Works page, as there will soon be some new material I’m working with. Much love to all and happy writing!


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