Back in the Saddle Again!

I’ve mentioned to you how much I love the holiday season, right? That being said, I kind of love when it is over too! For me, the holiday season really ends today, since it is my youngest child’s birthday. She is nineteen today, which I can hardly believe. Happy Birthday, Baby Girl…you know you are my world!

Tammy's Wedding_0005
Allysson Renee, 2000

So today, I am officially back to work. The festivities and fanfare are over. Things I have neglected for the past two months are back on the front burner. Does this happen to all of you too? It seems that we become so focused on creating the perfect holiday that suddenly we wake up and it is over, and here is the dogpile of things that have been neglected, that perhaps we have not even thought about in that time.

My inbox is full of jobs that need to be bid upon, Mount Washmore sits on my laundry room floor, my daughter can’t find the one band t-shirt (out of about forty) that just has to be on her back when she goes back to school. The list is endless it seems of the things that have been long forgotten in the wake of the holidays.

So, how do you eat an elephant,folks? That’s right…one bite at a time. I’m going in ya’ll! See you on the other side! Until then, check my upcoming works page…there is a new blurb there for you to enjoy.

As always, leave me some feedback in the comments!

Love and Laughter!



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