Does anyone else feel like me, in that this last week of the year can seem like the saddest. For weeks we have built up our expectations of the joy of the family holiday. We have counted the days until we can all be together. Perhaps it will be the first, the only, time all year that we will see our extended families. The anticipation of the perfect family holiday may have even seemed stressful, and maybe we are just looking forward to it all being over.

And now it is. Does anyone else feel just a little sad that all of that spirit and joy is gone for another year. Those of us with children know that they have been at home long enough that it is high time they were going back to school. They are bored and irritable, and if the weather hasn’t been good they have been in the house far too long.

The moments with family, while special, were far too short and stressful. In an effort to make everything perfect, too many things went wrong. We all remembered why we didn’t want to live close to our families! In the hopes to make it all seem perfect, it seems that the whole season slipped away from us, and somehow we missed the joy of it all.

We promise ourselves that next year, we will do things differently. We will focus on the people, and not on the pomp and circumstance. We will not waste a minute of the time we have to spend together. We will not lose our tempers or be short with one another. Oh wait, isn’t that what I said last year??

Happy New Year’s Week to All!

I’d love to see some of your resolutions in the comments!



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